Friday, July 30, 2010

This boatbuilding stuff sure can make a guy crazy. I just cant get my deck clear coat consistent. I thinned it too much on a previous coat and had to sand it smooth again. I just rolled on another coat and must not have thinned it enough because I had a couple dry spots. I just cant apply it consistently.
Now I dont think I have enough clear for another coat. I have a drop off date with Cutwater maker Mike for no later than the 9th. IF the new batch of clear I ordered gets here friday I can apply it friday night and give it two days to cure before the drive to Mikes.

If this coat tonight would have gone well I could have taken the boat to Mike this week, ahead of schedule.
I also picked up my windshields today. They are basically rough cut, not what I was expecting but he only charged me 20$. So I have to smooth the cuts and round the edges.

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